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  • Sorry for not getting back to folks. Thank you for the feedback. I'm hoping to post that character this weekend.
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  • Spectrum
    started a topic Treasures and Chimerical Items

    Treasures and Chimerical Items


    Hopefully I'm not asking on something that's been asked a few hundred times before. If so, if someone could please send me in the right direction.

    I was working on a fae knight and ran into a bit of confusion I couldn't get past. How do I buy gear with backgrounds? In specific, I'm trying to work with C20 but couldn't find a good answer in earlier editions either.

    Pretty simple, trying to buy, a sword, a shield and light armor. Would the shield cost 1 and the armor cost 2? The sword would be cost 2 as well, right?

    For the sword, I ended up...
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  • Spectrum
    replied to Spectrum's Build List Exalted version
    Thank you for taking a look.

    I had been thinking of the invisible fortress as a legendary manse but you're right, the same rules don't quite apply. I've been giving some thought on how to expand on that idea. I think that it's certainly specialized enough so now I need to look at ways of widening the concept. Maybe more in the way of user experience and tricks to improve the overall look and feel of the manse.

    One of the nice things about the deeper concept of the manse is that I'm not just designing it for the First Age, I'm also taking a look at what the ruins look...
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