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  • "Resemble" is too strong a word, even. You're never going to find "literally Hel" or "actually Mictlan" in the Underworld. You might find a cold, misty place whose Kerberos is vaguely serpentine, but if you go in there expecting it to be exactly as described in the Eddas, you're going to be disappointed....
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  • Each krewe has a single archetype, and the game assumes that the PCs are all the main characters of a single krewe. There's already a ton of stuff in the game that pulls characters off on their own plotlines, having a strong group focus helps to counterbalance that. That said, there's nothing particularly stopping you if you want to run a sort of "interfaith council" game where each PC is a representative of a different local krewe. You'd probably want to skip using some of the krewe action and advancement rules, but it's easy enough to do....
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  • Sorry, wrote "Underworld" when I should have written "Lower Mysteries."

    Remember how before I said "some might kind of resemble real-world cultural afterlives if you squint?" That's what I'm talking about. But those Dominions don't exist because X people believe in Odin or Jesus. They exist independently, and somewhere along the line some Norse godi or Christian ecstatic ate the wrong mushrooms and had a vision that they brought back to their co-religionists and incorporated into the body of faith, changing details as necessary to fit with...
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