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  • 36. You have the most interesting eyes...
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  • Been a long time since I've done this; my take on Prime illusion spells:

    Eye of the Beholder (Prime 2)
    Primary Factor: Duration
    Suggested Rote Skills: Occult, Stealth, Subterfuge
    The Arcanum of Prime holds domain over truth itself, but in this Fallen World truth is not so absolute as it is in the Supernal. This spell veils a particular truth of an object from detection, suppressing the ability of others to be able to acknowledge that truth. With this spell, a mage could veil a person's identity such that people seeing them would only know...
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    Last edited by Frishman; 04-17-2018, 01:35 PM. Reason: Added Prime 4 version; adjusted Prime 3 version to not be applicable to living objects.

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  • Frishman
    replied to Ask the Devs
    Quick question before it comes up in a game I'm in: let's say I use HoIT to generate four attacks and activate FHS on the last attack. Will that prevent the total onslaught penalty generated by all attacks (-4) from fading on the target's next turn or only the onslaught penalty added from the last attack (-1)?
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