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  • Yes sure! I recall that the Eldest even returned inside Dracon, making Dracon pregnant and after Dracon gave birth to the "baby" he gave it to Yorak if I'm not mistaken. Anyways as I said, there are many powers and canonical cases of Antediluvians returning in one fashion or another, but the main point I wanted more insight in is that of returning another vampire,e.g.. like ressurecting a vampire you love etc. And for that kind of power I think Necromancy would be a good discipline to work with....
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  • Thank you very much everyone! One thing I want to say though is that I know that there are powers for the cainite himself comeback, e.g. The new v20 Protean 9 and the old Vicissitude 10 for instance, but as I've never read any explicit power/way of bringing another vampire back to (un) life I told my friend that we would need to devise one ritual for doind so (preferably a high level Necromancy ritual, this would be specially great because we don't have any high level Necromancy ritual in the published material atm).

    It's such a pity that you didn't have enough space...
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  • Bringing a vampire back to unlife after being destroyed?

    So I was arguing with a friend of mine and we were wondering if this would be possible. My friend argued that an antediluvian or a very powerful methuselah should be able to accomplish this using Mortis and some combination of disciplines and another option he said was that an archmage should be able to do it with the right spheres. But what do you guys think? Do you think such a feat is possible for a powerful cainite or an archmage? If so, what would you think it would take to do this? Also we argued wheter or not a cainite would become a wrath after being destroyed, I know that in canonically...
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