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  • Huh? Funny how the Maeljin have a tendency to ruin the best laid plans.
    Lucky for me none of my players have read a whole lot of Werewolf, so it could be a long while before they notice.. But the name could cause some confusion.

    Thanks for the heads up!...
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  • Beliar, the acceptance
    Rank 5 stygian entity. May or may not be a royal avatar of death itself... Shes very vauge about that, and enjoy implying contradictory things depending on the one she speaks to.

    More specifically shes the acceptance of death and loss. She is grief, and she is mourning. But she is also comfort in solace in knowing that death is an inevitable part of life for most mortals.
    For that reason shes a bitty enemy of those that cheat death. Cults, as well as cabals themed around her, are often taskes with hunting down those that trick death. Making her...
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