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  • FMA245
    started a topic What genres could you run in a game set in Creation?

    What genres could you run in a game set in Creation?

    This is primarily a thread about Creation, Exalted's setting, rather than the mechanics.

    Creation is a kitchen-sink with a load of different influences, and it's with good reason that people often say "Your Creation May Vary". Because there's big scope even within what's established to do your own thing. If you're willing to take some license, you can go still further in accomodating even those that might not have been intended.

    Let's think about any game you might set in Creation - and note I mean that rather than specifically any game about Exalts - what are...
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  • FMA245
    started a topic The two/three die stunt challenge

    The two/three die stunt challenge

    Let's play a game. Each poster comes up with a way to use an item randomly assigned by the previous poster in a two or three die Exalted stunt.

    For Example: Say the first item is a "A bridal veil" The next poster would say something like "I will gladly take on any challengers any other day..." she said throwing back her bridal veil to reveal the poison needles underneath." But do not expect mercy for interrupting my wedding." Cracking the veil like the whip of heaven, she flings her deadly cargo at the interloper.

    So, let's see some stunts....
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  • FMA245
    started a topic [Forum Game] What would your character do?

    [Forum Game] What would your character do?

    This is just a little thread dedicated to developing characters, having good laughs, and coming up with devious situations
    The idea is simple. Someone posts a situation, and the next poster posts how his character (pick one) would react to it. Then, that person posts a situation of his own.

    Let's start with the first situation:
    A good friend - best friend, even - of your character suddenly murdered somebody - who is unknown to your character - in a fit of berserker rage. He claims that he has a good reasons, that he can't explain right now, and asks for your help in disposal
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