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  • I own it, but the group prefers 1e....
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  • correct, that is the crux of the question. A mage that learned Healing Heart as a rote but not Self-Healing would get more successes and risk less paradox with that rote than spontaneously casting Self-Healing on himself. Likewise, a Proximi may have learned the Healing Heart rote as a blessing but not Self Healing, and doesn't have the option to cast spontaneously....
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  • Because Healing Heart says it "can heal the wounds of other humans." It does not say it can be used to heal yourself like Self-Healing does.

    Here is the spell text from the book for Self-Healing and Healing Heart:

    Self-Healing (Life ••)
    The mage can heal herself of injuries
    and wounds.
    Practice: Ruling
    Action: Instant
    Duration: Lasting
    Aspect: Covert
    Cost: 1 Mana
    Each success heals one point of bashing or lethal Health damage (the rightmost wound on the Health chart is healed first). This spell can be cast...
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  • Is there a rules citation for that? (For the record, I think it SHOULD work that way, but want to find any rules on the matter.)

    Well, at the start of the spells section it gives a breakdown of what spells can do at different dots of arcanum (1st dot spells allow unveiling-type magic on self, 2 dot spells allow you to grant unveiling magic to others, or grant veiling or shielding magic to yourself, 3 dot spells allow you to grant veiling or shielding magic to others, etc), but the start of that states that the intention of that section is to assist with the casting of spontaneous...
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  • 1e: Can Healing Heart, Hone Another's Form, etc, be used on oneself?

    A lot of the self-only spells have an identical version for one dot more that can be used on others. My question is, do these advanced version of the spells HAVE to be used on others? I know it doesn't really matter when it comes to spontaneous casting, but if, for example, I knew Healing Heart as a rote but did not know Self-Healing as a rote, could I cast the Healing Heart rote on myself? Same question for any of the other similar spells. There is an obvious advantage there for rote casting, and even more so for Proximi that know one as a blessing but not another.
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