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  • Currently I'm making a Dual Kithed Brollachan/Snowskin and I have to ask, should I get Potent Kith or Killer Instinct?, I have three free dots, the others are Fighting Finesse (Gantlets) for Dex 4 and Brawl 3, Interdisciplinary Specialty and Area of Expertise (Shadows) for Stealth 4, and the mantle of the Autumn Court. He also has Intimidation 4.

    So I guess the question is, should I go all out on Boogeyman with Potent Kith, or get more combat ability with Killer Instinct or a combination of the two?
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  • Thanks for the Help!
    Now lets see..

    Axiom: Epikrato 2 Get!
    Field: Cosmological Defense Mechanisms, Inferences (Cosmological Antibodies, Cosmological Reactions, Symbiotic Forces)

    Step 1: Concept
    Macrocosm Pathogen Neutralizer (Controls Cosmological Antibodies To Destroy Metanormal Creatures)

    Step 2: Function
    Effect: Deal (Epikrato)L to a nearby Metanormal Creatures by Manipulating Cosmological Antibodies, Only Creatures are Affected, Phenomena, such as Loci, and Inanimate Objects, such as Fetishes and most Wonders, are unaffected....
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  • Yes, how broad can a Field be (In specific) and probably some examples of Complexity values
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  • Alright lest test this thing!
    Using a Starting Genius I never actually got to play before:

    Nathan Victor Graham

    Catalyst: Staunten
    Foundation: Scholastics (Rogue until we figure out how Foundations work)
    Magnum Opus:
    Omniscience (Knowing All The Things)
    The Universe Is A Living Being, And We're It's Reproductive Organs (Using Musterbleistift because Paradigm is way too obviously Mage for me, It's German for Paradigm anyway or maybe Erkenntnis, which is German for Cognition, Realization, and Insight)

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  • You mean the fact that the Wrinkle came and bit them in the ass pretty much immediately?...
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  • Probably, but the Wonder has Catastrophic Failure as a Wrinkle, which unfortunately makes it so that it receives Exceptional Success on 3 Successes instead of 5. I assumed it only applied to the Wonder and not the Genius ('Cause then it wouldn't be much of a Wrinkle would it?). So while numerically they tied, conceptually, the Wonder got an Exceptional Success while the Genius got a regular Success....
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  • Sure!, I've got nothing to do right now anyway.

    Inspiration 2 (Around apprentice level, not fresh out of Breakthrough nut not a newb either)
    Exelixi 3 (Spent most points here)
    Field of Biology, Healing Inference gained as part of the package
    Medicine 3, Computer 2 (Above average healer and average programmer)

    Step 1: Concept - Healing Bangle

    Step 2: Function - Heal Exelixi point of Bashing Damage.
    Range: Touch.
    Duration: One Scene
    Skill: Medicine.
    Activation: Instant, allows Impetus to be spent Reflexively...
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    Last edited by DArchon5; 06-07-2017, 05:31 AM.

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  • First of all, I thought we were going to use Inferences?, Postulates sound like a gross condition to me.

    Secondly, while the Axioms are more vague now, I am actually approving of that descision, but may I implore you to expand upon them in due time?, preferably make them a bit like Yozi Exellencies in EX2

    Thirdly, it appears that Wonder Creation is way too complex and tedious. I get making them more personalized but making it so that Components are definitively hard to find is just asking for the whole game to devolve into a large group of sidequests to try making a Wonder...
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  • Hmm, assuming we use this, then Wonders would cost a lot less. Probably one Impetus per Wonder, with each additional point after that granting a Focused Effect / Extra Reach. Some particularly powerful Wonders, the likes of Axiom 5, would probably require Resolving Impetus (Condition) to power it in addition to regular Impetus Cost to simulate how draining powering it is.

    Or maybe, we can make it so that there is an extra effect for some Wonders that can only be activated if the Impetus (Condition) is sacrificed (Do not gain Impetus Points). Like dramatically increased effects, the...
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  • Probably not. Though maybe, instead of Binding Mania (Which is being thrown out anyway) Impetus can be used to Activate a Wonder for its Duration (Most commonly, a scene, otherwise less or greater).
    Edit: So more like Alembics with Pyros, but less innate, and each Wonder is charged separately.
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  • How about Insight?, it would do for now. At least until I can either find a better word in English or use Google-Fu to find one in Latin.

    Genii still have that preoccupation with Latin right?
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