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  • I mean, I have a few other concepts that I can change around to fit the mage theme instead of Rene if you really need it....
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  • Rene is a high school student/recent graduate; haven't figured exactly how old she is, but its somewhere around there and her brother Jack is around there as well. She met her brother quite recenntly, since because their parents decided to get married. They started off ambivalent to each other but got closer as time went on.

    Then Jack got kidnapped by the True Fae.

    Rene got suspicious of the Fetch as soon as he crossed the door. She became more distant, feeling like Jack turned into a stranger overnight. She watches him out of the corner of her eyes, trying to figure...
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  • Here's mine, it's a bit pretentious, but bear with me here:

    Concept: Heavy is the Head That Wears the Crown of Wisdom
    Sympathetic Name: Rene Fraser
    Shadow Name: Fatewise
    Path: Acanthus
    Order: Mysterium
    Legacy: Something with Mind Ruling
    Virtue: Steadfast
    Vice: Curious
    Background: She never asked to be Awakened, to wake from the comforting dream and know true reality does to people. What it did to her brother. But she does See, she does Know. And she won't let something like that happen without her knowing ever again.

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  • That's good actually, twice a week is more than fine. Especially since I've just gone past mid-semester tests. Finals are a few months out at least.

    Also, a question. Would it be alright for my character's brother to be a Changeling? At least one still in his Durance? I made a bunch of crossover characters for fun a while back and one of them is a brother sister pair of Mage and Changeling. Not including him would be okay, but might shift a few things....
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  • I have a concept in mind, though I might be a bit inactive due to college reasons. Nevertheless, I'll post my character here once I have them all lined up in my head.
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