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  • So to wit; Here are some of the changers this thread has decided:

    Geniuses use actual science; some might only be theoretical or be the science of parallel worlds, but science nonetheless. Havoc is more the result of Genii not labeling things and having nonsensical control mechanisms than them forcing alien laws of physics on reality (Though that also comes into play).

    There is no one in charge; The Peerage and Lemuria are basically glorified Fellowships (Which are probably mechanically Fellowships as well?) that might have been major once but have fallen so far. In this...
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  • So, i'm new here. Just got done reading through the thread.

    I made a couple of sample fields and Inferences (calling them that cause Postulates just doesn't seem right). Got Necronics and some of Parachronics from previous posters. Sort of gave up making them when i started writing Psionics, especially the naming. so here you go:

    Field of Necronics
    This Field is the study and manipulation of spectral beings and the Underworld. (May need to be broadened to the Field of Spectrology if need to be combined with Spirits and the Shadow as well)
    Required Skill: Occult...
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