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  • Shepherdboi That's similar to how mechanics in some other systems of the supers genre, with some systems handling the concept more eloquently (and with a watchfulness towards abuse) than others. Again, I don't have the kickstarter rules to even begin to be able to analyze and comment, but if that is currently not allowable, your suggestion approaches things in a manner my group and I are experienced with from other systems.

    Your point about being able to buy Edges dependent upon Mega-stats is a particularly spot on issue we'd have. The example of a werewolf being a very good one,...
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  • My apologies all, life, work, computer going super-critical, prevented me from replying till now. Thank you to those who responded already:

    Hmm, interesting in a semi-negative sort of way. My group are all MM-2e/3e vets and are very creative using that ruleset for all manner of power levels, but as with most d20 systems, step outside of the combat arena and things drop off in satisfaction. We were very pleased with Scion 2e, and the thought was to recreate our library of MU/DCU stated out for MM3e into Aberrant. Both as a learning exercise and to create a usable...
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  • DCU/MU Character builds for Aberrant?

    While I personally feel the Aberrant world is a interesting blend of Iron & Modern age comics in print, I have a number of friends who are die hard fans of the DC and Marvel comics franchises. Unfortunately, since the rules are available to backers only and I didn't get in on time for that, I was wondering if there are any backers who made examples or threads of anyone putting iconic characters of those studios in Aberrant terms? I.E. Batman, Magneto, Green Lantern, Captain America, etc.

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