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  • zylosan
    replied to Prostitution
    The woman in question has been sent away from her martial arts clan, due to her enjoyment of having sex with a large number of the clan, simply because she is friendly and does not see why the fun should not be shared. The master of the clan realized that regardless of her intentions, she was going to start an in house order. To avoid that, he instilled in her a belief that giving pleaseure should always be compensated for. Fast forward a few years and a moderately sized cult has sprung to worship her as the patron of prostitution, spurred wives, lovers of beauty and pleasure. All compensated...
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  • zylosan
    started a topic Prostitution


    I have a character that is a whore, in the literal meaning of the word. My difficulty is how I should treat such business in regard to the social influence system. Is it persuasion that must trigger off an intimacy, either instilled or just inspired lust. Or is it a bargain test. Thoughts
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  • zylosan
    started a topic Tell me your intimacies

    Tell me your intimacies

    I am having a hard time setting the scope and intensities of my npcs and pcs. So would some of you fine folks share with me some of the intimices you have used.
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