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  • There is a Theban ritual that makes blood spill from a statue, but that isn't particularly viable on a long term basis because it requires the sacrifice of a humanity dot. Also, I'm not sure how viable that Carthian Law is because it blood bonds you to multiple people in exchange for breaking viniculum.
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  • You might want to connect integrity to conditions such as urged and possessed. Higher integrity characters would have much more resistance against ghosts and the like, while lower integrity characters would be far less resistance against them. Not sure if that is already emulated by the rules, but a quick glance over those conditions didn't say anything about them.
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  • Well, your players should be role-playing their low integrity, for one thing; if they're at 1 of 2 integrity, then they should be emotionally wrecked right about now. Also, I'd suggest potentially keeping some of those persistent conditions around for longer than it says under resolution; it's not exactly the rules, but it might help.
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