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  • nathanritzel
    replied to Curios, Relics and Tomes
    Janus’ Finger ●●
    The Janus’ Finger is visually a simple wooden key with two key wards on its tip, representing the two-faced roman god Janus. It exerts influence over the inertia of obstacles that prevent its possessor of continuing to advance - in simple terms, it helps the possessor to open and lock doors and mechanisms such as padlocks, creating a “detour” on the path originally devised by reality. It doesn’t effect digital and similar devices, still working, however, with electronic devices that use a key. It changes its shape to fit the keyhole last used.

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  • nathanritzel
    replied to The Horror Show
    I've been following this thread for a while, always getting some nice ideas for horrors and story hooks.

    In my chronicle (which is set on Philadelphia) I made a Slasher using Reighnhell suggested changes.

    Here it is:

    The Tooth Fairy
    Tyson Riley, a prolific dentist, was always known for his quiet and recluse nature during his college years. Few people knew that he had a abusive father who used to beat his mother daily for stupid reasons. Tyson grew seeing violence and conflict hid from under his mother’s bed, and at some occasions he saw a bloody tooth...
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