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  • A failed attempt to Mesmerize will result in atmospheric effects similar to other failed Discipline powers. Consider it reality sinking that Vitae's energy into something disturbing when the Beast doesn't get its desired result.

    I don't have the VtR page number in front of me, but look under failed rolls.

    Long and short: if you're paying attention and know the signs you'll understand that there was an attempt and it failed; context may tell you if you were the target.

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  • If you wanted to connect VII to the Legio Mortem you could handwave something regarding Legio VII Claudia, which was instrumental in establishing the Empire under Caesar. As far as I know from only brief research it was still in existence circa 400+.

    You could, if you wished, say there was a cadre of Mortem enforcers drawn from the most loyal and ruthless adherents of VII Claudia in the aftermath of the Republic's demise, who formed an agency answering to the highest echelons of the Senex and enacted their bloody will in far-flung corners of the empire. To Kindred, when VII showed...
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