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  • To this point, nothing keeps you from adding the Blood Bather minor template to a Dhampir.

    To reiterate my own record on this, I think the author's approach to Dhampir is regressive and nothing is gained by denying them either ghoul or embrace. The drawbacks inherent to the dhampir are explicit and layered, and achieving ghoul status won't change them. Being embraced of course wipes minor templates. I could go on and on in this vein (haha), but that's not the point of the thread.

    Now to touch on the motivations of the Dhampir NPC under consideration, it is entirely thematically...
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  • First... GM = Gaia Machine. *runs away cackling!*

    Ehem. Ok, now that that's done, let's speculate:

    The Hisil contains the spiritual reflection of living things, or of concepts that are given reality by living things. These living things includes plants and animals, which do not have souls and as such their spiritual reflections reside in the Hisil. Humanity does have souls (for whatever reason) and as such the spirits of humans don't go far and effectively "claim" human flesh. (Thus a human claimed by another spirit is effectively a magath, explaining why they...
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  • Look, one of the first rules of horror is "don't show the monster" (to the audience). You hint at it. You make sure everyone knows its there. You demonstrate how the audience knows more than the actors do, and that they are in trouble and you can't tell them.

    You demonstrate the presence of the monster by the wrongness around it. How things don't act they way they are supposed to and the world breaks, sobbing, as it approaches. When the monster IS shown, it turns the story from a horror to a slasher flick, depending on how its handled.

    So in the case of Nightmare...
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