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  • Not my intention really, I was talking more about clumsy, young WW authors
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  • You know, the world is a very diverse place and stereotypes are cognitive simplification we all use to optimize scarce resources.

    Then, if we end up lumping together WW authors with Le Pen, I fear the world will end up looking very grim...
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  • think that accusing WW authors of racism is absolutely out ofof place: everything in their games, since 1st edition, screams left-wing protest against establishment.

    It's not racism, just bad research and stereotypes: after all, in World of Darkness 1st edition Amsterdam was a Scandinavian city and in every WW manual Italian surnames are ludicrously taken from infinitive verbs in the 3rd person.

    If I might indulge a bit in racist stereotypes myself, this is however not WW peculiarity but a constant trait of every entertainment product made in the USA between the 80s...
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