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  • Depends whether it's an inanimate rug until your use the command phrase, putting it innately under the user's mental/spell-control at per a spell, or it's a perpetually active preprogrammed item that moves when you pull the tassels or something to provide external stimulus/input.

    Former is an imbued item, latter an enhanced.
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  • Death can effectively suspend the need for biological functions.
    Forces can keep a bubble of air following you around, or electrolyze water (potentially problematic, that one).
    Life can give you gills.
    Matter can break apart water into Oxygen and Hydrogen, or just transmute water into air around you.
    Space could potentially keep bringing fresh air across a co-location into your general vicinity.
    Spirit could possibly convince an Ocean spirit to use some kind of weird 'water breathing' Numina to stop you from drowning.
    Time can stop things from 'worsening with...
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  • HerbertIsBestBert
    replied to Actions and locations
    Sex could be a legacy Yantra for some kind of life /spirit/Thyrsus legacy.

    Using the "extra effort" element to get a +2
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  • Are Rampant and Megalomaniacal Mental Conditions which can be Pattern Restored away?
    I would assume so, they're both Conditions without a physical element, which affect the mind and decision-making.

    Or are they more like Spiritual ailments that can't be so simply cleansed?
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  • If he knew what he was doing, and such a thing was possible under Fallen science? Sure. Life 5 to create the plague which would infect Patient 0.
    Everyone he then infects has a Lasting copy of that 'naturally possible' virus.

    Alternatively, if such a thing is not possible under fallen science you'd need a spell which constantly updates its parameters to allow for 'infection'.
    Which is Death 6, Dynamics to kill and raise any infected individual as a Zombie.

    An alternative route for Archmasters is Death/Life 7 Entities, to turn a normal 'scientific' Plague into...
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  • Well I meant more can it expel the impurities from within solids.
    e.g. Refinement of gold by removing impurities, without reducing it to a molten state....
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  • Can that affect solids? I'd specify.
    Perhaps add a Reach effect and make it Withstood by Durability to do so....
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  • The effect increases Durability, can be Lasting, and has no in-built restriction other than Withstand.
    So if you take it as a Praxis or Rote, and want to go fishing for Exceptionals with which to ignore that Withstand, you can theoretically create an object with Durability 20+ by layering one spell on top of another.
    e.g. Durability 2 base + Potency 3 Alter Integrity spell = Withstand/Durability 5. Get an Exceptional on a Potency 3 Alter Integrity spell, that's Withstand/Durability 8, keep going from there.

    Make a feather than can scratch diamonds.

    I'm pretty...
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  • Dot costs might be a little screwy. Additional reach here and there. We need better Imbued Item/Enhanced Item use/costing rules.

    Enhanced Items
    Parcel Tube/Box (3 dots?)
    Item: A short, metallic tube with a simple screw-on lid, or a box with a latched lid. Of any size, but usually size 5 or less, most importantly, they always come in pairs. At the bottom of the container is a symbol of Space Fraying.
    Effect: Co-Location (Space 3)
    Factors: Potency - 2+ one for each ‘container’; Scale - Size 5
    Co-Location effect, tagged to the contents of each container,...
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