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  • High Withstands, protective measures which provoke a Clash of Wills, esoteric foes with immunities which have to be figured out (can't Enervate a temporal parasite, or can you?), or foes which hide in strange realities and have to be locked down or fought on their home grounds.

    A larger issue is figuring out what role combat plays in your story.

    I've personally found Mage a very poor game for enjoying combat for its own sake.
    When one party member at character creation takes Aetheric Winds and can blast a small gang of humans into unconsciousness with a single spell...
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  • HerbertIsBestBert
    replied to A great dilemma
    As far as I understand it, The Time Before is capital g Gone.
    It's not just harder to get to, requiring Archmastery, it's flat up "not a thing" any more, and the Shards of that time found in pre-history are basically just pictures.

    A devoted Archmage could try and climb in one of those pictures, but he'd merely find himself possibly stuck in a shattered chunk of time, an evaporating fragment of a thing that no longer Is.
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  • I really can't choose, and talking about the stuff I've made is both blowing my own horn, and has the potential to give away future plot points.

    I really, really liked running the introductory session. Lucius arriving and inadvertently making connections, Lupin headbutting his way through a Wraith's trial, and House making nice-nice between them all.
    The guys managed to pull together a really nice 'how we became a Cabal' story.

    The recent scene between Avaratia and Lupin was also a lot of fun for me. A Mage who's powerful enough to impose their will on a PC, but...
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  • Nothing, the Sanctum merit is pretty rubbish until you turn it into a Demesne.

    What my group does is turn it into extra Spell Control, accessible only while the subject-matter of the spell resides within the Sanctum.
    This allows them to use it for sanctum defences, or long-running 'experiment' style spells, or buffs when they just want to do stuff within their Sanctum.
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  • Problem with a flying base is that I think it would exceed the Size 30 limit of the Advanced Scale table.
    And I don't think that the 'area of effect' can instead be made into a mobile thing for the purpose of affecting a target instead of using Size.

    Regardless, if you can push the scale higher than 30 (size 60 is a 'small apartment building') then that should function nicely.
    Create a gas-bladder full of sufficiently high buoyancy gases to keep you alight, mess with fundamental forces, remove its relationship with the concept of 'down'.
    There are plenty of ways...
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  • Does anyone know if summoned Supernal Entities can return to the Supernal World prior to the ending of the summoning?

    e.g. if they're in real trouble and need to leave otherwise they risk destruction, or if the summoner is completely and totally unwilling or unable to complete their Trial?
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  • Such a culture may have more than their normal population of Sleepwalkers, but other than that, nothing special.

    The shard of the Abyss isn't excised by simply believing in Magic....
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  • It's kinda frightening to think of all the stuff you'd witness getting retroactively changed with Time Shielding.

    Well, if it weren't for the fact that most Magely Time travelers (who'll actually do something to the "present" with their powers) are Masters, and far more than likely to smash your Clash of Wills pool into tiny little pieces with their casting/alterations.
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