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  • The Bound devour Mana, and Mana-sources. Including Mages.
    Some can even eat Sleepwalkers and Sleepers....
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  • HerbertIsBestBert
    replied to The Paths to Lichdom
    Largely, Liches are also doing something wrong.
    A lifespan might not be enough for many Sleepers, but Mages have the drive, the power and the inspiration to seek what they want in their finite time.
    Unless you suffer the tragedy of an Awakening in your twilight years, most Mages should have enough 'natural' time to achieve what they want in the world.
    Curing your natural diseases, and 'naturally' extending your lifespan by curing that which would otherwise kill you, isn't really a big deal to most Mages.
    Why suffer through cancer, why not fix your failing heart, fix your...
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  • The Scribe Grimoire example is different, because the existence and proliferation of Grimoires throughout Mage society works on the assumption that you don't need to spend a Willpower dot to relinquish them, or you can only maintain a number at a time.

    Also sure you can just add a +2 Reach option to Matter 4's Tramutation spell.
    But that's incredibly boring.

    I wanted to add a bit of a reward for someone reaching second degree Disciple-dom with a strong scientific Praxis, or second degree Adept-hood and a general idea.
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  • However that requires expenditure of a Willpower Dot, which is equivalent to an experience, and can be dispelled.

    Also having the transfiguration be a side effect of the Magic is exactly what I did.
    The spell enables the movement of sub-atomic particles.
    End that spell, and they stay where they are, in the new atoms.

    A comparison would be the State Change spell.
    Turn a steel block into liquid, and it will lose its original shape and turn into a puddle of steel on the ground.
    End the spell, and it remains a puddle, but returns to its solid stat...
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  • Okay, this spell is funky. People have been wanting to get Lasting matter transmutations.
    And really, given the Free Council's methodology, here's how I thought it should go.
    It'll either requires Forces 3, Matter 3, and an advanced understanding of Science, and some time to kill.
    Or Forces 4, Matter 4, and a general idea of what you're doing.

    Subatomic Matter Suspension (Forces •••, Matter •••)
    Practice: Weaving
    Primary Factor: Potency
    Withstand: Durability
    Suggested Rote Skills: Crafts, Investigation, Science
    Modern science teaches...
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  • Oh, I did a full update for the Eyes of Ain Soph. I've done actually quite a few Legacy updates (and I'm currently working on the Keepers of the Covenant).
    I made them a Prime-only Legacy, due to the 2e changes to the Spirit Arcanum meaning that it's only one aspect of the bountiful 'Fallen' Magics that exist throught the world.

    Their first Attainment, the Seeker's Eye thus provides them two abilities.
    First, they gain a perpetual version of the spell Supernal Vision, whereby all they have to do is spent the turn scrutinizing something, and they get to ask question about...
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  • There's a fair bit of planning, I've spent many a slow hour pondering the interactions of characters and how to proceed in the game.
    Planning is also only advantaged by asking your players what they want to do, and what they want in general.
    From there you can play into, or subvert their expectations for characters and events.

    But even given all that preparation, this is Mage, where players have significant capacity to subvert expectations, so you've got to stay flexible.
    I like to keep my ideas floating around, so if something's not going to work, you throw it out...
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  • Entirely correct with regards to Create Truth, can't believe I missed that.
    However Platonic From states its cost is 1+
    Which implies that the cost is a part of the spell, and viable for the reduction.

    Either way you can just do what I do with my Legacy updates, and have that single point be 'stretched' across multiple uses.

    Despite my fondness, the books are far from perfect and require some sensible adjudication....
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  • I've found the most exploitative spell to turn into an Attainment is Platonic Form.
    Make yourself a construct with your Potency in Mana, get a discount down to 1 with the Attainment.
    Then drain all that Mana back out using Channel Mana.

    Boom, free Mana.

    But also Eidolon and Create Truth.

    Create Truth can also be rather ludicrous as a fifth Attainment (at Gnosis 8 though, so meh).
    Scene-long ritual, creates a 3-dot Hallow with a duration of a year, for a single point of Mana.

    But to concisely answer your question:...
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  • 3/3/2017, on 4chan's /tg/ board, DaveB answered a couple of questions on Shadow Names

    ">DaveB, if you're still around, would it be possible for a mage to have 2 shadow names?
    Yeah, just buy the Merit multiple times

    > How much Space would it be required to alter a Shadow Name and/or confer an additional one? Making? Dominions? Entities?
    Wouldn't say Space. A Shadow Name's just something you call yourself - the Merit represents it starting to resonante Supernally over time, such that you can use it as a Yantra. I would say Prime. Possibly archmaster-y."...
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  • You totally can buy an arbitrarily large number of Shadow Names, by the way.
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  • Hmmm, I thought I'd messed something up when I was writing that first Reach option, but I couldn't put my finger on what.
    Ah well, going to scrap the idea because at that point you're either really just using a tool-boosting spell, or Hidden Hoard.
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  • If you want, I prefer it this way given that the spell isn't ultimately on the person, but their clothing.

    If you're composed enough, you should be able to push past the message their clothing is screaming at you, and realize that they're not who their clothes says they are.

    Also the focus on Potency ties nicely into the Reach effect that grants a dice pool bonus to social actions when you act in the projected persona....
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  • While others might just use Veiling to disguise their extravagent clothing, armour, or weaponry, I've thought of another spell which might help in seeming inconspicuous. Rely on your clothing. It's just another tool to use, and Matter can enhance tools.

    Clothes Make the Man (Matter ••)
    Practice: Ruling
    Primary Factor: Potency
    Withstand: Composure
    Suggested Rote Skills: Crafts, Stealth, Subterfuge
    All tools carry within them the symbols of their purpose, and all clothing carries with it the symbolic purpose of expressing a certain persona. By drawing upon...
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  • Perhaps start off with Silver Ladder rote specialties, then swap Expression and Subterfuge for Crafts and Science when the character finally connects with Libertine Creed, leaving behind the Elemental Precepts
    Or, have her already have arrived at that point.

    I don't like devaluing Order rote specialties as just something you can 'buy' when you swap between Orders.
    The Orders are mystic engines that draw symbolic strength from their creed and principles, and their rote specialties are a big part of that....
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  • The rules for creating an Ephemeral Entity don't state that they start off with a single dot in each Attribute, so in the absence of further direction it's more reasonable to assume that they do not.

    Also as Satchel said, that could result in Rank 3-5 entities having more dots to put into Attributes than they could actually spend (e.g. the Trait limit for Rank 5 is 15, which means that if provided the maximum of 45 dots to spend, they could not expend them all before reaching the Trait limit).
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  • HerbertIsBestBert
    replied to Show me your Familiars
    Modus Operandi, Rank 1 Goetic familiar, an "esoteric" obsessed with petty theft.
    Highly amicable relationship with his Mage, who summoned his familiar at the behest of his Master to learn more about harnessing his flaws.
    Likes stealing things, finds this very hard due to his lack of manifestations. Somewhat unhappy at his current state, but doesn't want to go back into the Mage's head.

    "Groggy", Rank 1 Spirit familiar, formed one St. Patrick's day in the Mage's pub.
    Very amicable, so long as he's kept fed on the essence of the drunks the pub attracts....
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  • Perhaps the 4th Attainment's Optional Prime effect could be to 'implant' the ability to utilise some pre-set spells in the manner of Signs of Sorcery's "to be released" imbued-item-charges, which would be available at Prime 3?

    That way you could stick a certain few points of mana into them, and give them a way to expend it casting certain spells you stick into them when you activate the Attainment.

    I feel that fits nicely in thematically with the first half of the attainment, which is about modifying people with certain life-based abilities.
    Instead you're...
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  • Funny, I was thinking of the Carnival Melancholy when I was considering that suggestion as well.

    It's really I think down to a matter of how powerful and widely applicable you think Attainments should be.
    I don't think, regardless of whether you've convinced them to play a rigged game or not, that you should be able to steal the soul of a Resolve 5 paragon just because you've managed to get them to do the thing that your Legacy really should be doing to enable their soul-theft in the first place.

    If they want the big game, they can risk their Wisdom by using a normal...
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  • That's a very dangerous clause to add to Attainments.
    By design they're supposed to be limited application, and Mages acknowledge that they have their limitations and resort to regular spellcasting when they don't quite work the way they want.
    Being able to breeze past Withstand just by using it in a certain way seems like exceeding that limited power element.

    Personally to encourage more thematic attainment use, I just restrict their operation to certain methods, in exchange for additional reach.

    e.g. Make a 2nd Attainment Body Control persistent in effect,...
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