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  • tzizimine
    replied to Post Hypnotic Sugestion
    ** Inserting 2 cents **

    Personally, I think Mind 3 alone could do this, without the Time 4, Entropy 2 trigger, but with three separate problems of its own.

    1) You would need enough successes for duration to last long enough for the suggestion to trigger.
    2) The suggestion is detectable (and thus removable) while it is dormant.
    3) The suggestion could trigger incorrectly (wrong stimuli, bad interpretation, etc.).

    The notion is the effect is itself is constantly present, but only reacts to a vague list of conditions, much like someone who is deathly...
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  • Well, the duration chart would have a scene be 2 successes, so

    (2x 1 action) + (2 for 3 allies) + (1 for Correspondence range) = 5 successes


    (2x 1 action) + (2 for 3 allies) + (1 for Correspondence range) + (2 for Scene) = 7 successes

    which then raises the question of sustaining vs. locking the effect with Life 3?
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  • I am the ST for this game, but I wanted to see the forum consensus.

    So 3 allies well known allies from the next building over for 1 additional action for the scene...

    That would be (2x 1 action) + (2 for 3 allies) + (1 for Correspondence range) = 5 successes? Nothing for duration for the scene?
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  • Copy or Split? A.k.a. How many successes does X take?

    So here is a question that has bounced back and forth at the table.

    A mage with Corr 3, Time 3 wants to give 3 very well known allies 1 additional action per turn for a scene from the safety of the next building over. How many successes does he need on the ritual? If his paradigm would change that number, why?
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  • tzizimine
    replied to A Very Newbie Question
    So that raises the question of when does a magickal attack require a normal attack roll?

    The answer I was working with so far is that is a choice the player has. Either...

    1) Spend the 1 success to not risk the attack roll failing
    2) Risk the attack roll and save the success for a better effect...
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  • tzizimine
    replied to A Very Newbie Question
    Quick question, can a mage (i.e. not should, or would, but can) target someone or something other than themselves without spending the 1 success by risking an attack vs. dodge roll? I.e. Dexterity + Athletics (Throwing) [TN: 7] vs. Dexterity + Athletics (Dodging) [TN: 7]?

    I ask because I am putting together a cheat sheet for my players on how & why to spend successes to 'build their effects' (i.e. You want to do Thing X with Y circumstances? Choose an option from Table A, Table B, etc, and add them up to Z minimum successes)....
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    Last edited by tzizimine; 04-04-2017, 10:05 AM.

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