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  • Any further insights in regards to my last question?...
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  • Wow, Bluecho, this is great research fodder! Thank you.

    A lot of UFO-based New Age beliefs almost always involve “channeling” a spirit/extraterrestrial being through a mortal vessel so they can speak.

    Also, as for the alien thing I want to go all the way with it: while she will have great reverence for earthly beings (Deva, animal spirits of wisdom, spirits of distance, positivity, cleansing etc) she will similarly have her eye on the cosmos. I can imagine her trying to send her voice through the gauntlet and towards Sirius B, the brightest star in the sky, to reach...
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  • Question concerning spirit allies/guides for New Age Dreamspeaker

    Greetings, guys!

    So, I'm dipping my foot into the vast pool of New Age spiritualism by playing a fortune teller type character as a Dreamspeaker (who really does much more than that, but represents herself as that to prevent suspicion and provide more coincidental effects) and I have plenty of spirit ideas, but I'm not sure if they have any cohesion.

    For example, her spirit practices range from beings as earthly as Deva (fairies) who order the natural realm, to extraterrestrial beings that live on the stars and other parts of the cosmos. But does it seem odd, even if...
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  • I suppose I’m asking how would Dreamspeakers living in modern times practice ancient religions/shamanic practices?
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  • But surely there’s a difference between modern shaman vs 2,000 years ago ancient practices?
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  • How could one go about playing an ancient Dreamspeaker?


    I find that ancient religions such as the Canaanite or the Ancient Sumerian religion have plenty of animistic aspects to them, and their priests were considered intermediaries between the gods and various spirits. How difficult would it be to play a Dreamspeaker who subscribed to some ancient religion of this sort, primarily from a logistics perspective? For example, finding tools/foci to channel their deities, having other worshipers of their archaic beliefs to support them, summoning spirits, etc. Information about belief systems during the Iron and Bronze ages is scarce...
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