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  • Interesting.

    What kind of powers/abilities would you give certain ones?

    For example, the Goddess of Liberty can supposedly project the powers of the Elohim vis-a-vi her spiritual authority. She also has a "freedom flame," which is quite nebulous if you ask me.

    Could charms be used to encapsulate the scope of their abilities?

    Goddess of liberty, for reference:
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  • How would you RP/represent Ascended Masters?


    The Ascended Masters are spiritual guides in New Age spirituality that assist others in their journey to spiritual ascension. They are former humans who became spirits, who are called "personages" in M20. However, I don't know if all Ascended Masters could/should fit into the box of personages, and if it's possible for them to be a general spirit. There's also a question: where do they rank? Incarnae? Gaffling? Etc?

    If you had a dreamspeaker trying to covet their favor in your game, how would you represent them?

    A link for reference:...
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