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  • thank you guys!! awesome!!
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  • wow guys, these answers are full of ideas!!
    i'm working on it!!
    for now, rank 3 seems to be fairly powerfull, and i guess will be enough. So i'm focusing on influence (deases), and maybe, just to create the right mood ( first minute of this ) i can create a slave sub-spirit with influence (lament), just to be annoying .

    How many lesser spirits could be commanded by the big one?? I was thinking about, in case they will chose to fight, to use some lesser spirits: in...
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  • thank you for answer
    well, i m deciding about what kind of spirit create, because the plague killed thousan of people during medieval age. The people died by death penalty is not even close to that number, so i was supposing that renosance of plague should be a far better reason to create a spirit. Din t have think about the Magath.. now i could be in some troubles ahahah
    I think they can handle a rank 4, and cutting a couple of numina, the spirit could have 6 influence dots.. could be fine you think??

    Now, about what you wrote, could the spirit infect and speed up...
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  • any help with plague spirit?? forsaken 2ED

    hi there, i m having some problems creating a plague spirit: my pg ( one ww and 2 mage) will have to ( probabily) fight a plague spirit (set in venezia, 1817, ) borned from pest during years, (medieval years) and disperation of . They will fight her in the shadows. Don t wanna bore you with details, but i have the idea, but can t understand some mechanics. First of all influence. In the manual isn t explained very well, So, because i don t wanna create just a brutal fighter, but wanna make them feel the pain caused by one of the most deadly deases...
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  • Fine. Really thanks
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  • Cool.. It s what I was looking for. Need to practice better to understand how to use conditions properly.

    Maybe I can give him some clues to resolve the condition, with some rolls.. Perhaps occult?

    And last thing. Hope I ll be clear. After the spell is cast, only he will know the informations they gather of course, but when he backs in time, and vanishes, the version of himself In the past should know those informations as well?
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  • Ye.. I m overthinking
    When you have said suddenly vanish, did you mean that in the present he is no longer physically there?
    Or simply he can only see what will happen like a spectator?
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  • That s a really good idea. Can be a starting point for interesting plot.
    Just a clarification : does the player know how to resolve the condition ( aside from scouring it)?
    Edit : to create a good plot, the anomaly is pointless. Good point
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