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  • Whybover
    replied to Do we need Soak/Hardness distinction?
    This is a really interesting conversation, I definitely found Hardness a really useful tool.

    The example of “Crash a giant enemy, launch decisive from base initiative” has come up three or four times in games I’ve been in, and it shows off how things can go when Hardness doesn’t exist. In fact, the Twilight power that generates Crash in Hardness has been called out as something that stops you from taking a double-hit from an enemy who Crashes you, or from getting hit by their mate.

    Someone pointed out that failing a 3i decisive attack is going to get you crashed,...
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  • Whybover
    replied to [+] What house rules do you use?
    1) Ties break in the favour of the player if the stunt is equal.
    2) Free alternating -1 and -2 HL every 50 earned XP (because I find buying HLs boring)
    3) You can spend your WP after the roll as a player, I can’t as the ST.
    4) I have some rules about not stacking Charm buys too high in One Ability/Attribute (which except the Supernal Ability for Solars)
    5) I’ve slightly changed some of the extended action rules that mean that failing at something big tends to Have Giant Consequences instead of potentially Just Failing.

    The main thing I really want...
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