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  • Chesh
    started a topic Can You Take It With You When You Go?

    Can You Take It With You When You Go?

    Say your vampire has put a couple centuries or so behind them and is feeling world weary, or some tragic personal event shook them terribly. Ennui is coming on, and they feel like letting themselves fall into torpor, leaving the world behind for awhile. Or they're badly hurt enough that they can't help it. What should they do to protect all their stuff?

    Vampires acquire lots of things over time: antiques, mementos, real estate, etc. Not necessarily trustworthy friends, though. This is a conundrum if you take torpor into account. If you spend even a few years in torpor, how do you...
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  • Chesh
    replied to The Ghost of Theseus Problem
    Well, clones are definitely not the same people. If that was true, then every pair of identical twins in the world would be interchangeable with each other and have no differences between them.

    This aspect of 2e seems a bit...nonsensical to me? Or rather, it would depend entirely on how a given ST plays ghosts. If you're going to play a ghost as though nothing has changed about its mind/personality/abilities from when it was alive, then no matter what you want to call it, it's functionally a continuation of the same person, a true manifestation of their spirit/soul/whatever without...
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