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  • That's a pretty thematic and cool idea.

    What about protections that aren't limited to the Node/Chantry? Personal protective measures they might have when they have access to a wealth of Tass.
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  • Yeah I don't think they're going to go full on frontal assault, but it doesn't hurt for me to be prepared for that just in case. More likely they're going to target them individually, starting with the leader.
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  • For the leader I was thinking of having Life 4 as her primary sphere. The coven is protecting a Node equivalent to a level 3 Caern that is located on a small island off the coast of Maine, where the story is taking place. I like the idea of it being inaccessible by normal means and using the Paths of the Wyck to get to it. They have plenty of Quintessence and potentially several long running effects going.

    The PCs are rather diverse for a group of Technocrats. There's a representative from every Convention and they each have Enlightment 3 and around 8 dots in Spheres.
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  • PazuzuAxelf
    started a topic Technocrats taking on Verbena

    Technocrats taking on Verbena

    So my group of Technocrats have decide to go full on Pogrom on some Reality Deviants with Alonson Hardsuits and everything. They're going to be up against some Verbena. I've described them as a Coven of Witches using blood magic. Their goal is to capture the leader and eliminate the rest. What kind of preparations would Verbena have for direct attack by Technocrats? The leader has Arete 4 but I've not settled on anything else yet.
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