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  • "To survive is literally to terminate the existence of the enemy boss."

    That's a very video game-like perspective you have on the situation. Fortunately for you, you can do so much more! You have the power to fly! Use it! Escape from your enemies and reveal their numbers and positions to your allies. You're a Tremere, go to your clan and have them solve this death curse nonsense. It's probably not real, and if it is, then you have one of the most powerful chantries in the US located very close by. NYC has Sturbridge who should be glad to have this information, and if she...
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  • My advice? Leave. Get out. It's not your problem. This is an issue for the Camarilla war effort against the Sabbat. Neonates with barely 60 XP are fodder and are not expected to win in this situation. If your Prince demands it if you then just tell him to fuck off and leave. Go find a new city to live in with proper expectations of the membership.

    Alternatively - defect. The Sabbat are more interesting anyway. Offer to serve as a double agent and leak info to the Sabbat. Request them to give you a token victory or two to sell the deception.
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  • PazuzuAxelf
    replied to The Hardestadt problem
    Addressing the original topic:

    Hardestadt's embrace and generation are indicative of the lie he spread among Cainite society. The Generation of his childe shows the truth of the matter.
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