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  • Andijvie
    replied to no https
    That makes more apreciative of the effort you are investing in it. Thanks for clarifying...
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  • Andijvie
    started a topic no https

    no https

    Why is this forum insecure? All user names and passwords can theoretically be eavesdropped?

    Why this choice to host an insecure website/forum?

    edit: I realized posing only questions might sound a bit aggressive. Apologies. Did not mean it that way. Kind regards.
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    Last edited by Andijvie; 10-13-2020, 07:46 AM.

  • Andijvie
    replied to Ask the Devs v2
    Dear devs,

    I am not a native speaker of English and need a bit of help with the commas in the wording of the melee charm Sandstorm-Wind Attack (p350, core book).

    From the charm description:

    Doe this mean?
    • A] the charm ignores any kind of hardness, including hardness of armor and hardness of scenery.
    • B] the charm only ignores the hardness of scenery.
    • C] .... something else...
    Maybe this was clarified when the core book came to market, but I did not find a relevant old post.

    Kind regards...
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