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  • I was just looking through the backer manuscript again and I realized that there was no section on how other splats saw the Bound or how they see the other splats. Was this cut for word count reasons, or is this something to expect in more games moving forward? Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I haven't read through this entire thread.
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  • Minty
    replied to Deviant: the Renegades
    Have we heard anything about the children of Remade? Deviants are people who can no longer define themselves and require other people for a self-definition, so I think I would think some of them would try to have a family. I assume that it would require decisions to be made on a case-by-case basis, but it would be strange if there wasn't any guidance on the issue in the book. I'm sure that in a lot of cases they would not be affected by the changes to the Remade, and there will be many Remade that won't be able to have children at all. But what about those who can have children and have been changed...
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  • I just listened to some of the most recent Darker Days Radio podcast, and in it Dave Brookshaw talks a bit about the "overt" and "covert" tags. It sounds like all Variations, Scars, and Merits will be tagged either "overt" or "covert", and that at the end of the story the Storyteller will roll for the Conspiracy to respond to your cohort with modifiers based on the overt and covert abilities you used. It seems kind of obvious in retrospect, but it's something I never considered. I guess that's why Dave is a game dev and I'm not.
    It also sounds like...
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