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  • As a side note, I do recognize that under these rules Psiads can eventually hit greater levels of power than Psions, in that they can develop level 5 modes in any Aptitude. However, I don't honestly see this as unbalanced, for the following reason: it costs a LOT of experience points to get there.

    Breaking that down, your average starting Psion (let's say she starts with one level 3 Mode, and one Level 1 mode, both in-Aptitude) requires 142 experience points to raise all three of those Modes to level 5. At ~5 points per game session, that's roughly 29 game sessions' worth of XP. A...
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  • Alternate character generation rules for Psiads in Aeon (non d20 version)

    When the Aberrant Player's Guide introduced the idea of naturally occurring Psions for Aeon I found the idea very intriguing. However, I always felt that the rules governing their creation and play were a little arbitrary, and were more of an afterthought than a model built to fit Psiads into their role in the Trinity universe.

    Here is my take on revising Psiads into something that I feel better achieves that aim. I'll break out explanations for the areas where I deviate from existing rules.
    Psiads follow the same creation rules used for Psions (found on page 168 of the Trinity sourcebook),...
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  • Dao Jones
    replied to The Second Generation
    Given the circumstances of the fall of the First City, it's not hard to imagine there simply wasn't much opportunity. Only three 2nd gen, and ~13 (or more) 3rd gen attacking them en masse. They were probably just torn apart, without a lot of time to actually go through the process of diablerie.

    Additionally, I kinda get the sense that the curse of the weakening bloodline wasn't really a thing until Caine made it so. So it's not hard to imagine that the 2nd and 3rd gen were roughly of a similar power level, with the 2nd having a small edge due to age and experience.

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  • I haven't played Aberrant in a long time, so I can't speak to the specific powers, but in all of my games we have a house rule around "upgrading" abilities (when it makes sense to do so): calculate the difference between the current "cost" of your power (in experience points), and the new cost of the upgraded power, and just pay that difference in XP.

    However, in a situation where the effective cost is the same (like your example, where you're going from one level 3 power to another level 3 power), I would probably just let you swap it over for free. I mean, the...
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