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  • Well, before a specific person can use a fetish, they have to attune to it (essentially getting the spirit within to allow you to use the fetish). After that, the person activates the fetish each time they use it (or for each scene, depending). If someone attunes themselves to the fetish and then loses it, I'd say that naturally someone else can attempt to attune to it once they've acquired it (otherwise, how would klaives be passed on?). If someone activates the fetish and then loses it, I'd say that it continues doing whatever it is that it was doing until it comes to its natural end (for that...
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  • Aya Tari You keep bringing up this pretty massive change to the original idea. It's not that it's a bad suggestion, but you're pushing it pretty hard as if it's the only viable or reasonable option (it's perfectly fine to keep the story in the Pacific; as with any setting, making it work is in the execution). So far, I've heard more of your ideas for Killerclown 's story than I've heard of their own. You sure you don't want to just run it yourself?

    Truly, though, there's nothing wrong with setting the story in the Pacific. Not every island is a lush "Garden of Eden" already....
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