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  • I went with d6s because they are the most "common" form of dice. If people are going to be using dice for causal games or gambling, they are more likely to use d6's than any other type of die. I had originaly toyed with the idea of making a d100 or d20 type item, but I wanted to make it fit into a setting without being noticeably odd or needing a special game to go with it setting wise.
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  • [White Elephant for Crumplepunch] A Pair of Very Lucky(?) Dice

    Is this late for New Years? Eh, what does it matter. I was given self imposed high bar when I got Crumplepunch for my first foray into a White Elephant. They asked for an item to help their Dragon-Blooded Sorceress reclaim Thorns from the Mask of Winters. A single thought stuck in my mind before I got any work started, which was "how lucky would you need to be to pull that off?" So I made luck for them. Hopefully you enjoy this gimmicky little thing, as probably unbalanced as it is.
    Fortuna (***** dot) ??? Pair of Dice
    Attunement Cost: 6m
    Hearthstone slots:0...
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  • I'm going to be honest, I was not expecting near this much! Also, the odds of getting some one I know in the White Elephant must have been... whatever, these are great!

    I have to say the ring took me surprise, but is my current favorite. A "bag of holding" type item that lets your become Gilgamesh a'la Fate/Stay Night? Yes please.
    The armor is second on the list, because I never see as many artifact armors as I wish. Weaponizing it like that was a great touch too!
    The Snake set is very interesting. I've yet to play a spell caster in Exalted, but they do seem...
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