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  • So, still no guesses what that one was?

    Anyway, another obscure one:

    In the wake of a terrible catastrophe, twelve teenaged Exalted have fled the devastated Blessed Isle to the far West, Exalted, and proceeded to become involved in various quests. Among these young Exalted is our hero, a shy writer of romance fiction and erotica now unexpectedly Chosen of Serenity but unfamiliar with her role. It comes to pass that this Sidereal confronts a Third Circle Demon who has been terrorizing a section of the Bordermarches, and this is where our story begins.

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  • diagrapher
    replied to The Out-of-Context Game Quotes Thread
    PC: "Hey, are you from the Realm?"

    NPC: "Yes, I am"

    PC: "Are you a Dragon-Blooded?! :-)"

    NPC: "No, I'm not a Dragon-Blooded."

    PC: "Oh. Well, do you know any Dragon-Blooded?"
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  • diagrapher
    replied to Tell me your intimacies
    I'm still playing 2ed so I'd have to think about what degree they'd be, but some some I have used or would use in 3ed (where there isn't a limit on intimacies) for characters I've played so far:

    * his family (love)
    * I owe my family loyalty

    * her comrades-in-arms (duty)
    * her current and past-life Solar circles (loyalty)
    * fellow practitioners of banned religions (solidarity)
    * we have a duty to honour our ancestors
    * her ancestors (reverence)
    * her mother and siblings (love)
    * for the living to bind the dead to their will is...
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  • diagrapher
    replied to Ask a question, get an answer
    Do the rerolls granted by charms such as Flawless Handiwork Method count as dice from charms? If so, when would anyone use Flawless Handiwork method, when it's less efficient than an excellency even given attribute 5, craft 5 and a specialty?
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  • diagrapher
    replied to Forum Game - What Does This Charm Do?
    Siderial Investigation

    The Siderial can read a god's intimacies in the things under its purview- for example, they might study a river to determine how its spirit feels about the Bureau of Destiny, or study the progression of a disease to determine how its spirit feels about the Solar Exalted. This is modeled as a Read Intentions action with a penalty, carried out over a length of time determined by the essence of the god so observed, ranging from a hour for an essence 1 god to many years for an essence 10 one, as the broad purviews of powerful gods require extensive study to read....
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  • Exigents, so as to have useful guidelines for homebrewing other stuff.

    DBs because it's hard for a game to not involve them.

    Lunars to indicate what they're actually like in 3e's setting and, because they're pretty useful to have as NPCs and because I might want to play one.

    Siderials because they could also be fun to play as, can be used as antagonists and and as a pretty important part of the setting its good to know how they work.

    Getimians look interesting, so it will be cool to find out what they're like in more detail and maybe even to...
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