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  • Or you could have red and blue be the arms, but have the wings come from the arm lions rather than the central lion?
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  • diagrapher
    started a topic What is the Wyld like

    What is the Wyld like

    So, I'm confused as to just how to portray the Wyld:

    It's said to be a place of limitless potential from which all existence originally sprung.

    But also to be incapable of creating anything truly new, only able to copy and recombine the things of Creation.

    It's said to be shaped by the desires of the Raksha to create stories. That leaves the question of what sort of stories the Raksha shape.

    In particular, to what extent should one assume the Raksa's stories are cliche and unoriginal? Should the Wyld try to draw those who enter it into a succession...
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  • diagrapher
    replied to Ask the Devs
    I might want to use Heart-Eclipsing Shroud when I play 3rd Edition, so could you clarify how it works. Does the real personality retain any control? Do you need to make sure the new persona is someone who'll eventually want to return control to the real self, or is using the charm to get out of character something they can do even when the persona wouldn't? And is there anything else the real self retains the ability to do?
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