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  • If I saw Lunar PCs consistently not bothering with shapeshifting that's something I would mention in a thread about what people wanted Lunar shapeshifting to look like.
    I'd prefer to hear other people's experience with Alchemical characters changing charm load-outs before attributing this to shortcomings of my game group....
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  • You are still a burden if your ability to evade detection is significantly less than their ability. Sometimes being the team player is knowing when to concede the spotlight.

    Agree with the basic principle in that its a social situation where everyone can contribute, but feel you're setting the minimum bar unrealistically high....
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  • This thread make me curious as to how often Alchemical PCs actually switch charms.

    My experience is that for the most part they do not. That could be mixed game bias speaking there but I have seen players in an all Alchemical game respond to the notion of a diplomatic build being to point out that their PC is basically a cross between a superhero and a warship as long as someone was serving as the party face. Similarly, infiltration was treated as a specialist role for one character....
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