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  • No. I see how you could read the rules that way, but you'd have to all but be intentionally trying to break them not to get the drift in a section that requires you to have an Arcana 3 to use.


    In regards to: Supernal Entities=Lackluster, there's a few things. First, they can bring Artifacts. Second, they have knowledge and information, often, that cannot be obtained easily. They're beings from a Realm that's positively platonic. If you can't find interesting knowledge for a Supernal Entity to have, then you aren't thinking hard enough.

    Finally, by...
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  • So, this, a Mind 2 spell, does the following:

    Incognito Presence (Mind ••) Practice: Veiling Primary Factor: Duration Withstand: Resolve Cost: 1 Mana Suggested Rote Skills: Empathy, Stealth, Subterfuge The mage hides the subject’s psychic presence, causing onlookers to ignore her. When people look at her, they want to avert their eyes, or barely notice her. People cannot remember seeing her when they are no longer looking her way. Beings using supernatural abilities to concentrate on her, including Active Mage Sight, provoke a Clash of Wills.

    What would be the rating...
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  • I'm frankly quoting this because I think everyone is operating, at least in this "18 year old Master" paradigm, on an assumption about how the setting works that's wrong and needs to be fought by STs.

    There is no, "Age of Awakening." You can, though it's probably rare, Awaken at three years old, or you can Awaken at seventy. The former is rare, but there's no actual connection between Age and Magical Power.

    Plenty of new initiates to Orders are taught by people half their age, because there isn't and shouldn't be an assumption that everyone Awakens...
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