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  • The latter would certainly work. The former could work for some things, but not others. Think about a bar that caters to a certain type. Someone who's not that type, in various reasons, comes in. He's not welcome. He could feel it in the air, he can sense it even without any magic, often enough.

    (Actually, what started all of this was the thinking of a character in a Mage game set in 20s Chicago. She was thinking about how even if you used magic to gain a lot of wealth, there were still some neighborhoods you couldn't move into without having to risk being burned out of your house,...
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  • Just had a thought. This seems like something freaky you could do with Space and Mind combined, maybe? Like, you know how gangs have territory? Or there's "Parts of town" where "Those kind" of people aren't welcome, or nobody goes if they don't want to get mugged, etc, etc. Various forms of social, racial, economic, etc, etc, segregation/categorization of space itself?

    Imagine if there was a spell that let you see those boundaries? Like, you could look at a city from a tall building and sort of 'see' the lines that divide one 'type' of Space (as defined by one's...
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  • "System: Counterspell is a Clash of Wills (see p. 117), pitting the acting mage’s Gnosis + Arcanum against the countering mage’s Gnosis + Arcanum. A mage can attempt to counter any spell that uses the Arcanum, even if it uses other Arcana as well, but always counters the highest Arcanum of a target spell. The comparative ratings of the two mages’ Arcana are irrelevant; an Initiate can, in theory, counter the spell of a Master. Countering the spell of a mage with a higher rating in the target Arcanum, however, requires that the player spend a point of Mana. Counterspell requires an instant...
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