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  • I had a character who believed the bottom of the Ocean of Fragments was close to the Supernal, in the same way that the Ocean Ouroboros is, in the Astral. He wanted to achieve Archmastery by sinking to the bottom of the OoF and triggering a magically stored functional backup consciousness in the belief that perceiving the Underworld without an 'I Am' would get him into Stygia....
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  • With Exalted as its prehistory.

    The relationship between Creation and the Wyld reverses/is reversed; the endless outer chaos is swallowed as Creation turns inside out, leaving a spherical planet in an endless void. Without the pressure of the Wyld, The Dome of the Sky expands to fill the void.

    The Underworld and the Wyld are crushed into the new world's supernatural substrate. The Underworld is ground into unrecognizably, and being elbow-dropped by a Big Crunch turns out to be too much even for the Neverborn, who are pulped into a sea that symbolizes irrevocable, inevitable...
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