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  • Without reading the rest of the answers, mine is because they weren't made with general use in mind but with being plot powers. What makes for a good story power for an NPC to have is different than what makes for a good player power.
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  • Grasharm
    replied to Artwork Tropes
    I'm sorry you're frustrated by this but part of drawing is being easily interpretable. This means drawing to the most common perception of a thing unless given a reason not to. You wouldn't draw a baker in a police uniform with an ak slung over his shoulder and expect anyone to identify him as anything but a cop unless he was pushing a cake that says happy Halloween into a costume party and even then you would add hints to his true profession p. Maybe dust his front with flour and add a dollop of frosting at his elbow. So if you tell me to draw a Ravnos they are going to be wearing gypsy garb....
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