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  • GogariGlenRoss
    replied to 1000 Mage Plots
    39) The PCs are at a wake for the child of an NPC who they know. Bobby-Ray was a 19-year-old engineering student with a promising internship at a biotech company, but he developed cancer a few years ago and eventually had to withdraw from school because of his illness. At the wake, they see a photo of him from high school, at the peak of his health—he looks identical to the Technocracy clones/cyborgs/HITMarks that they've encountered in the past. He is the genetic donor for a cloning program?

    With this method of cloning, every clone of Bobby-Ray carries a shard of his Avatar and...
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  • GogariGlenRoss
    started a topic FYI Stewart Wieck

    FYI Stewart Wieck

    This was posted on Satyros Phil Brucato's Facebook today:

    Like Mr Brucato, I can honestly say that "I am who I am because of this" game....
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  • The players got a really, really, really important bit of information at Bobby Ray's wake and I know they don't know the significance of it. I'm giddy with anticipation here....
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  • Season 1, Episode 6 cont'd

    scene 4
    Some of Bobby Ray's high school football buddies drive up and the ex-girlfriend from high school uses that as her escape from the advances of now-alone, hapless wingman, Eckhert. They all go inside where they find the old friends, cousins, and aunts in the dining room rummaging through boxes and albums of photos. They are making a photo montage for the actual funeral, which has yet to be formally scheduled.

    The PCs see some of his high school football photos. That's when the PCs notice something—they had only met Bobby Ray after...
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  • Season 1, Episode 6
    Dramatis Personae
    Arnold (Void Engineer): acting director of the Driftwood Institute.
    Grover (Progenitors): Driftwood's chemist, pharmacopeist, recently released from Room 101.
    Dick "DAP3" (Cult of Ecstasy): burnout psych professor. Consultant on faerie phenomena hired by Driftwood.
    Robert (Order of Hermes bani Ngoma): Social worker aiding the Zimbabwean refugees in the area around the anomaly.
    Penny Layne (Euthanatos): Sister of Arnold. Not officially a Driftwood consultant, but random bystander to their activity....
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  • Chat roleplay after the session:
    They don't get out of the decommissioned Technocracy lab until after 10:30pm.
    On Rt 20 between Panama City (where the old lab was) and Tallahassee (where their lab is) in Arnold's car are Arnold, Penny, and Kia.
    Arnold gets pulled over by a state trooper who tells him he has a taillight out. Arnold politely claims ignorance and hands over his license and registration.

    The cop says, "Hey it happens. I'll write you out a warning and get you on your way." and goes back to his car. A few minutes later returns with Arnold's...
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  • A long-delayed post from a week and a half ago:

    Last episode, the PCs entered the anomaly zone and explored all the way to the site of the old Technocracy laboratory, where they found the floor was made of marble whose veining spelled out words in Enochian. They found a dimension portal generator (which that cohort of Technocracy were not known to have). They found a lab journal belonging to Kenji Hirata (the same guy they extracted in the rescue mission in the first session).

    Arnold (Void Engineer) disassembles the entire machine that he took from the old Technocracy...
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