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  • Book 2, Canto 5:
    Scene 1

    They reunite behind the store. Only Leland saw Mark with drugs.
    Leland has new sunglasses due to his piskie shoplifting habit.
    They kill some time before the party. Nikki flat out tells their parents "I'm going to a party" and that is good enough. Muirin says she's with Nikki and her parents accept this. Leland just makes an excuse and says he isn't coming home. Clover tells her mother they are going to the theater, playing up how Drama Club has been cancelled and how much she misses it. She successfully manipulates her mom into allowing...
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  • Book 2, Canto 4 (continued)
    We had a short session here because of technical problems and Leland's player's Internet kept kicking out.
    Mark gets a chimerical monkey on his back. Leland and Muirin see this. Mark asks his manager for a break. He walks through the store, taking off his vest that indicates he is on duty.
    Leland follows him through the store. Muirin joins Nikki outside.
    Leland sees the monkey evaporate in the Banality of the store. Mark walks behind the butchers' counter and through a door labeled Employees Only.
    Leland waits for just the right moment...
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  • Book 2, Canto 4
    Scene 0: Kurt asks sidhe Clover if they might come back sometime. They give him their phone number.
    Clover's parents text and they return a text with photos from historic downtown Newburyport to keep up the alibi.
    Nicole, Leland's foster mother, calls and Leland assures her that everything is fine.
    The kids decide since they're so close, they'll try looking up the girl that Leland's wraith sent him to help, Maggie. They take an Uber to another small, seaside town.

    Scene 1: With no real leads, they decide to go to get ice cream. The DQ is...
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  • Book 2, Canto 3
    Scene 1

    Nikki talks his mother into driving them down to Newburyport, Massachusetts (a highly gentrified, seaside artsy community) so they can do some street performing. From there, they hitch a ride one town over to Kurt's house, to find their next wraith Fetter. Outside of the house are a couple of self-storage pods, and a For Sale Open House signs (decorated with balloons). They barge in and the realtor, ingratiating autumn person Edie, greets them (assuming they're with some adults). Leland eats some cookies.
    Scene 2
    They take the tour of the house...
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  • Book 2, Canto 2½
    (This was a bit of a vamp since Nikki's player forgot and missed the session)
    -Having drawn a blank on her Investigations, Muirin, walking past the Coast Guard station, realizes that Sir Arcite might be able to help her with tracking down Leonard's next of kin. She asks him to use his USCG access to look up the tail number of the airplane wreck. He takes the number and agrees to get back to her.
    -Leland scours social media sites looking for Maggie and finds three people who it could be. Not specific enough for a road trip, unfortunately.
    -All three of
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