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  • Scene 4
    They realize why the propane tank exploded as they are confronted with a chimæra. Not like the mythical beast, but a Cronenbergian nightmare of a Florida panther, cottonmouth, and goat awkwardly fused together with vestigial limbs. The snake protrudes through the ribcage of the panther, its tail on the opposite side, black and necrotic. A goat is fused sideways across the torso of the panther with the legs sticking out uselessly.
    The creature is burned badly, making its skin even more horrifying as the places where the creatures fuse together have exposed muscle and bone....
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  • Sorry. Busy with work and play and family commitments. Time to finish the synopsis.

    Season 1, Episode 8,
    Scene 2

    Meanwhile at the beach, Solar and December are talking with the other mages about what they see under the effect of the Glamour enchantment.
    The event horizon now looks, rather than an invisible barrier, a gigantic hedge wall surrounding a maze.
    Grover tries to take a biological sample and cuts himself on the thorns.
    Solar describes the Hedge as a "cosmic no-tresspassing sign" and he's not keen on going inside of it. "Man,...
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  • Season 1, Episode 8: The Hangover

    Dramatis Personae
    Arnold (Void Engineer): acting director of the Driftwood Institute.
    Kia (Order of Hermes bani Xaos): Cryptographer, puzzle-solver, consultant to the Technocracy on matters of the occult.
    Grover (Progenitors): Driftwood's chemist, pharmacopeist, still recovering from his time in Room 101.
    Robert (Order of Hermes bani Ngoma): Social worker aiding the Zimbabwean refugees in the area around the anomaly.
    Penny Layne (Euthanatos): Sister to Arnold. Not officially a Driftwood consultant, but random...
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  • An aside
    Last year, Larry, who plays Arnold, the Void Engineer geographer, ran a one-shot Pathfinder game which was an epic haunted house crawl. At the center of the house was a Pillar, which was absorbing souls to feed a Old One (Yog-Soggoth, I think) to bring it into the world.
    Bryan, Kia's player, arrived late. We knew he was coming late, but he ended up coming even later than we thought; so he missed all of the plot exposition up to that point.

    His first scene basically went like this:
    "The pillar is speaking directly into your mind. It is telling you...
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  • GogariGlenRoss
    replied to Mage in the Real World
    I was planning to necro this thread for exactly this article. Damn, how magickal is that?

    Okay, how about scientists teleport particles into space?...
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