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  • Manbat
    replied to Scion: Origin Art
    Not wanting to be mean, but I agree with FrostFox. I felt that the art (both page design, the images and the design of the character sheet) very uninspired. There are some cool ones, like the one with the Nordic Forger (pg. 77) and the one with the Giant coming from the mountain (pg. 47) , but the majority are at best mediocre at worst weirdly drawn (pg 25). In my opinion, of course.

    Also, FrostFox, if you want to cite the images, I think saying the pg number is a good way to not break any rule but still give the example.
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  • Manbat
    replied to Ask a question, get an answer: Scion Edition
    Hello Everybody. I'm having some problems on understanding the Supernatural Path and their Knacks.

    On the Origin says that, if your Supernatural Path grant you access to knacks/birthrights, you need to pay/allocate the points for it as usual. That means you need to pay for the knacks of the path? If yes, with which points? Or you have access to them all, but you still have the limit of 5 active knacks per Session?

    Also, on the Hero book it says that the Denizen dont have boons for free and need to use Marvels to use any power. Does that means that they begin with boon...
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