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  • Hello everybody. Just passing by to say that this Homebrew is now on the Storypath Nexus.

    It has been improved from what I posted here, with some updates, new information, one new deity, some relics, and antagonist. If anybody finds anything incorrect or any problem, want to ask some questions or just want to comment on something, feel free to contact me here on the forum, or on the Discord server. Or just post under this.

    Until then, wish you all a good day.
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  • Manbat
    replied to Is astrology correct in the World?
    My Particular Take on it:

    The Astrology in Newspapers or that you find on websites is as bogus in the World as it is here. Most astrologists in these would claim some form of training or ability to interpret the zodiac, but it isn't regulated by law or anything, so charlatans multiply.

    Now, the proper reading of stars, which include careful and daily reading of the sky and any form of celestial signs, together with the proper rituals, could bring some results, both to tell the future and to tell how are the gods feeling today and if they are angry with you. While nowadays...
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