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  • There are other options Bio Thamatugy can be used to heal as well as carry out freakish experiments. Viscistuide can be used to rebuild damaged structures but not restore health levels. there are odd powers of some bloodline disciplines that can be used to heal, but they are really hard to find and those bloodlines consider them "Trade Secrets".

    there are many ways to do it but they far flung and closely guarded.
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  • Matter 2, Life 3, Prime 2 (perhaps Time?)

    you are trying to revive Life function of something that has undergone Cell Death, You need Matter to anchor the initial effects to the base meterial you may need a Time Effect thrown in to transform the dead flesh to it's pre-Cell Death state, then a Life effect to make the Meat in to a compatible organ and Prime to sustain the effects until the organ can be integrated in to the recipients Pattern
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