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  • Emerick
    started a topic Homebrew Legacy : Bearers of the Sigil

    Homebrew Legacy : Bearers of the Sigil

    Here's my first attempt at a legacy

    Bearers of the Sigil

    Through us, Magic lives

    A recent legacy founded by an odd alliance between a Mysterium anthropologist and a voter of the Free council tattoo artist, the Bearers of the Sigil is beginning to spread around the world, their focus on the supernal and cultural value of tattoos as supernal symbols make them popular among mage who grew up in society that put value on bodily markings as social or religious signs of belonging.

    The legacy is still young and close-knitted, most members belong...
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  • Changeling the dreaming over discord

    Hello ! a Friend of mine is looking for a third player for his changeling the dreaming 20th campaign set in New Orleans, the game will take place over roll20 using discord for voice, time is set at 8am gmt on saturdays, we currently have one autumn sidhe of house daireann who own a jazz barclub/freehold and yours truly as a comonner sluagh/metal bassist.
    Hope to play with you soon !
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  • Emerick
    replied to [New Legacy] Phagocytes
    Really love the concept of the Legacy, i don't have any mechanics commentary as i'm not that familiar with Legacy just yet, but this is some good stuff !
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  • Emerick
    replied to Invisible Sun
    I had my eyes on it but yeah can't afford something that pricy. I hope it isn't too hard or complex to play and that i'll be able to get i on a sale, the promotion art is right up my alley though
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