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  • Thanks for your reply ! They do still use the disciplines of their clant parent, they do not need to hide what they are, they azre proud of their abilities, and the knowledge they gain is about themselves and can't be found in the minds of others

    Ventrue is the parent clans of the Flamel for a simple reason, Ventrue seek perfection and excellence in all things, Alchemy is about perfection, be it spiritual or material, so to me it made sense to use the Ventrue as the parent clan.

    Blood alchemy is not a form of blood sorcery for multiples reasons, first one, Blood Alchemy...
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  • Emerick
    started a topic [2E Homebrew] Bloodline, the Flamel

    [2E Homebrew] Bloodline, the Flamel

    Hello all ! So i recently began to run a requiem game set in france, and i tought i would create a few local Bloodlines, don't hesitate to send me your feedback if you want to ! English is not my native language, i tried to proof read the whole text, but there may be error here and there.
    The alchemists, the luminaries, the hoax, the cocktails makers
    Background :
    An illustrous Ventrue bloodline if there ever was one, they trace their ligneage back to their legendary founder, the alchemist Nicolas Flamel, who is rumored to having achieved the Embrace with just a little...
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