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  • Accelerator
    replied to Retro-tech

    A gas composed out of several biological components, catalyzed by primium-doped platinum. Reverse engineered from a species of EDE-bonded biological gas bags, the gas was reverse engineered and then synthesized by the newborn Technocracy's chemists and biologists. Creation of the gas meant that there was no longer any need to create highly explosive hydrogen for lift, and the HR-1931 gas has an order of magnitude more lifting power and has a larger molecular size and transition phase between solid and gas when an electrical current is applied, letting it have far lower density...
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  • Accelerator
    replied to Retro-tech

    An invention which even the Hermetics can appreciate. The fountain pen is a remarkable piece of engineering that uses primium, high precision machined parts from Iteration X, and several exotic inks sourced from chemical vats. The pen can go for years without recharges, propietary 'ink squirt' allows it to write on any surface, and can survive underwater. Primium mixtures within the ink give it superb quality and defense against things like 'destroyed by water' or 'faded from sunlight'.

    This also includes countermeasures against Entropic Reality...
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  • Accelerator
    started a topic Retro-tech


    What I find very interesting about the entire thing is that the Technocracy can actually change (hahhaa somehow they're a force of stasis). That means that they're filled to the brim with tech that was once cutting edge, but then got edged out of the consensus or rendered obsolete by new 'technological' advances.

    Which means that a technocratic museum is made from really nifty stuff, both from tech that would have been edging the consensus (The antikythera mechanism) to pseudoscientific bullshit that fell out of favor from one reason to another.

    So I took the liberty...
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  • I think in this case the 'means of production' is probably something along the lines of

    'Can we make everyone just as powerful as mages? No? The plan isn't done.'

    Cars were once Correspondence + Forces foci who could not be used in public. Radios were once vulgar. The internet was once something only present in Technocratic constructs. Sewers were once things not to be seen by common man.

    edit: I am exaggerating, but it won't be totally wrong to say that Jeff Bezos has more similarity with the world's poorest beggar than a Mage has with the mortals around...
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