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  • right. I will have to edit that. Tho one thing for sure is there is no way to tell exactly how big or small the group behind this is(at least not to the other players, besides the GM of course). Thanks for pointing that out! any other suggestions?...
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  • How is this short story for my vampire?

    My game-master wants everyone to make a short story about there character, and something interesting(but with room for changes, etc...) so he can make a long Chronicle that he can set up as he goes(we trust our GM since he is a very good story maker who knows how to make up stuff as he goes)... the whole thing is basically just a big story about small group of medium-high generation vampires who met by pure coincidence who are helping each other out due to good chance of personal gain, or maybe they have some kindness left in their somewhat empty undead hearts(tho that last one is pure speculation,...
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