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  • Raz_Fox
    replied to Your Top 5 Dark Eras
    Let’s kick off the lists with Dark Eras: Original Flavor.

    #5 goes to “Into the Cold.” You’re going to see nearly every single Demon era on this list, and that’s because they slap. All of them. Even this one, which arguably is just “Demon but REALLY Demon, no, even more Demon than that,” but the Infrastructure? The timeline of Berlin 1960-1980? Gorgeous. I don’t know if I could ever play it, but it’s a delight to read.

    #4 is “Requiem for Regina.” British Vampires and Changelings are two great tastes that taste great together, as Arthur’s era later...
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  • Stamina. Definitely Stamina. If you can’t keep your butt in the seat, you can’t write. =p
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  • Raz_Fox
    replied to Dark Eras 2 Backer Release
    Still working through this hefty tome, which is delightful for bouncing through non-chronologically. I’ll echo the praise for the French Revolution, which thus far has been the standout Era.

    That said, does anyone else feel that the Hunter section in Arthur’s Britannia feels atonal? Both Changeling and Vampire dovetail neatly with the Dark Monmouth treatment of the Era, but the opening for Hunter feels almost Pythonesque. The emphasis on the superstitious and ineffectual peasantry, combined with the cursory mention of how the Roman withdrawal actually affected British life, is...
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