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  • That's very true! I suppose what I mean, moreso, is that I'm personally less interested in exploring that side of the game. I tend not to be much interested once you abstract the concepts past a certain level. But I do think those themes are there, and people have written some fascinating looks at them. Not what I'm here for, but there's nothing wrong with others liking it, yeah?

    I think when I say "BtP is like a horror film," I mean that each, individual Beast as a concept is the metaphorical equivalent of a horror film.
    • The Horror, obviously, is the main villain or monster
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  • You know, what's funny is that the whole Monomyth and heroic story archetype thing never really stuck with me for Beast. I associate it far more with horror stories, and particularly creature features. Which I suppose are just modern versions of the heroic myth. Hmm.
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  • I have a theory regarding superheroes and supervillains that just as easily can apply to here.

    Basically, in a superhero story, there's two kinds of nemeses: "The Dark Mirror" and "The Evil Opposite." The former is someone whose powers are pretty much the same as the hero, but who uses them for evil. The latter is someone who is strong where the hero is weak, and vulnerable where the hero is powerful.

    An example would be Superman. General Zod is a fellow Kryptonian, strong and fast and able to fly. He is Superman's equal in a fight, and presents a...
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