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  • Isn't the whole "lack of pattern" thing just to excuse to give more freedom to the storyteller and players? Like, take a different splat- vampires are unique in that they're one of the only supernatural creatures that can deliberately make more of themselves. By the mechanics, any human character can potentially be turned into a vampire with a reasonable chance of success. Siring another vampire is choice that can be made both by the player and by the character in-universe.

    With werewolves, in-character you can't really decide to "make" another werewolf using Lunacy....
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  • I honestly think a whole series of "Escape from _______" modules would be a great fit for the CofD. I mean, I can think of three our four splats off the top of my head who would totally pull that sort of thing on mortals (vampires, for fun; Beasts, to feed their Hunger; werewolves, for a more interesting hunt; etc.), even setting aside the many other NPC groups and creatures that could get up to that sort of thing.

    Fun* stuff to escape from:
    • Old prison (as above)
    • Abandoned amusement park
    • Run-down school complex
    • Skyscraper (start at the top)
    • Decaying industrial
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  • Jack teaming up with a pack of savage but noble werewolves is a story that definitely would have fit in to the original run of the series.

    I can totally picture it: Walking through the wilderness, Jack comes across evidence of one of Aku's machines on a rampage and begins to track it...gradually realizing that something else is also in pursuit. Sequence of Jack and the shadowy others following the path of Aku's robot while also attempting to get a look at (and avoid) each other. Finally, both sides catch up with the machine (some big monstrosity, wild future robot design) and its...
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