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  • Harp0
    replied to Pugmire Fillable PDF
    Was working on one actually. Guess I'll just turn lazy and wait now ...
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  • Harp0
    started a topic Pugmire: Daggers vs Darts

    Pugmire: Daggers vs Darts

    Looking at the errata post there was a discussion about daggers and darts and how the two are basically the same thing with the dagger being a little better of the two.

    Dagger: Simple Melee, Finesse, Light, Thrown 20/60, 1d4 piercing

    Dart: Simple Ranged, Finesse, Thrown 20/60, 1d4 piercing

    I'm thinking I might add an extra piece of Equipment called an Atlatl. An Atlatl is an early hunting tool used around the world to throw darts and javelins harder and further than normal before the invention of the bow.

    An Atlatl in design is a specially...
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  • I also would use the tables. My only idea on something to change is holographic to illusionary. For the dogs an hologram would be the same as an illusion.
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