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  • Expanded Breed Families

    After the better part of a whole day spent scouring and cross-referencing several encyclopedic books on dogs and searching the internet again and again when I was ill, I finally created an expansion of the Breed Families presented in Pugmire.

    Each Breed now has 20 sample families and it was a hard task indeed, especially finding that blurry line between the dogs that constitute Fettles and Workers (many tough breeds are also very big and strong, typically Mastiffs and other molossers). The former are often mountain dogs and those breeds famed for endurance/tenacity, while the latter...
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  • Characters advance whenever it fits the adventure/story and the GM's judgment that characters should level up, so it's highly flexible and essentially tailored to suit each group, e.g. every adventure or so.

    Money is not really a thing at all; it's not an accounting exercise, it's about adventure and discovery. Characters are expected to have appropriate gear and to simply replenish stuff between adventures. They have a generic and vague amount of coin based on background, but money only matters when it's narratively important.
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