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  • Hm. I agree with Most of Arc's suggestions, but i'd say focus a little less on specifically playable splats. as a few potential additions:

    VASCU could work well focusing on Immortals, (thinking about Abnormals, Blood Bathers, Body Stealers and the like), focusing on those who kill to extend themselves

    For alot of the more focused ones, like St George and Cainites, I'd almost always say go for the things that are connected but not the same unless you want to consider the strokes of "favored monster" more general (Cainites with Revenants and Ghouls or Things from...
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  • SdeSpencer
    replied to On the Immortals
    Hm. An interesting idea. I’d add something like Fallow are able to sorta turn back their aging as time goes by, as honestly while the idea is really interesting, there doesn’t seem to be much seeming reason for Fallow to enter their Stasis State besides “to enter a later time”.
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