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  • A Bit More Stuff:

    Deviation for Fate’s Agent

    Weird (-1 Magnitude): Your Powers only affect information gathering in a specific way, or your powers might only affect a certain subsection of powers. Eg. You might always register as a vampire, or you might only weird out the ability of wizards to pop into dreams and minds.


    An Update to the Sidebar of my Forgotten Variation (you can find the rest and the original version here)
    SIDEBAR: Forgotten and Relentless Variation:

    Quite simply, Forgotten is usually a life ruining thing...
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  • That's not an UNFAIR statement, but honestly it's more a feature than a bug, and beyond that I think a +1 for that sort of thing would be unjustified at best (you get a -1 SCAR for perpetual if it's subtle). 9 again COULD be reasonable, but the main goal of this variation was to make "Simple but Hard to Beat." powers more accessible, and beyond that, without having to lay on Deviations you feel aren't your goal.
    Also to be entirely fair, if it is 4, it COULD be reasonable to set the cap at +6 instead of +5, but I think that would also sort of miss the point of the power, which...
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  • A Few More Deviations:


    Deviation for any Variation, particularly Fate's Agent, Immunity, and Specialized Sense.

    Stubborn (+1 Magnitude): This Variation is Particularly difficult to push through.
    When considering Clashes of Wills, this Variation counts as 1 higher in Magnitude (of course stacking with the +1 Magnitude given by this Variation), to a Maximum of +5

    Deviation for Preparation

    You and Me (+1 Magnitude): Only available if entangled with only Directed Variations (or Variations with a Directed effect)....
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  • How reasonable is this for a Rapid Healing deviation (note: I’m unsure about the Magnitude cost)

    • Not So Rapid (-1 Magnitude): Requires Magnitude 4+. Your speed of regeneration is not affected by this variation. However, you can still heal injuries otherwise uncurbable.
    It is possible to take both a version of Rapid Healing with this deviation and a Magnitude 1-3 version of Rapid Healing without it.
    At Mag 4, when healing persistent conditions, they heal at the same speed as aggravated damage.
    At Mag 5, when you come back from death, you must heal each aggravated...
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