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  • Do you adjust XP earned for fewer players?

    I'm running a game and I have only 2 players. They have asked if maybe I could give out more than the usual 1-4 xp per session since, as only 2 characters it's harder to cover more than just a few bases especially if they double up anywhere like perception/alertness or combat skills.

    Anyone ever do this? Good idea, bad idea?
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  • No, by all means. It's not going to be relevant in game for many sessions probably, so I have time to mess about with other ideas if need be and I find the material fascinating. I used to own a lot of the changing breed books back in the day, but never got to actually play so I'm not as familiar with it as I COULD be and then a blown in window soaked my entire gaming library while I was away from home on an extended trip and I lost almost everything to water damage and mold and never replaced them (or I'd look up this stuff myself).

    The morality situation is a nice after...
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  • That's pretty definitive. Sounds like the only way to permanently keep a WW vicissituded then is to never sleep and vamps are NOT good at that. So looks like no WW with no arms and legs then.

    Thanks everyone who took the time to weigh in. I appreciate it....
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  • Well, I guess I wasn't clear on that last bit.
    I'm thinking of a single werewolf trapped somewhere. I know this is very difficult and/or relies on a lot of luck to get one that Can't just buff strength till it can rip apart anything holding it and/or step sideways and walk away but I'm willing to handwave that as "the vampire got super lucky and doesn't even realize just HOW lucky he got".

    AND, I'm assuming that given a reasonable amount of time the werewolf just MAY escape on his own and/or others will come looking. However we're currently in short term so that hasn't...
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  • Now that has some interesting implications that maybe DAMAGE from vicissitude is healed as (agg or non agg whichever) but that modification w/o damage is permanent.

    I had assumed, before I asked that modifications could NOT be healed because people/ghouls can not heal them ever, and (again I assume) that they become the new "template" your body heals towards, but

    could well imply that the "template" may well be spiritual in nature and NOT impacted by vicissitude and the reasons mortals or ghouls can't heal out of them has nothing to...
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  • Thanks both of you. That's very useful. Mostly, it's been so long I just need a guideline for what is reasonable. I THINK I remember things and have a feel for the dice, but I'd prefer not to have to realize that I don't when things go horribly wrong in play.

    To your point Zennis, I'm not OPPOSED to fudging or just straight up adjudicating results. I think definitely has it's place primarily, as you describe: because it suits your story goals or that's just the way you like to ST.
    Me PERSONALLY though, I like to let the dice decide most things and only interfere in the weirdest...
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  • Thanks very much! This is exactly what I wanted to know. Appreciate your expertise.
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  • How are werewolves impacted by vicissitude?

    So I know (from reading a few threads) that you guys LOVE "what if a vampire did xyz" to a werewolf threads, so I want to start with: No malice here, just curious about something and I know you know the answer and that beats buying and reading a bunch of books I don't otherwise need.

    Let's assume a vampire with high level vicissitude uses it on a werewolf. He doesn't use it offensively to cause damage levels, instead shifts muscle and bone around until the werewolf is immobilized. Mechanically, level 2 vicissitude can trade OUT strength dots for soak pool and I assume (please...
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  • Matt_N
    started a topic Rule of thumb for die pools for NPCs

    Rule of thumb for die pools for NPCs

    So, haven't run a vampire game for ages and back then I just statted out all the NPCs on full characters sheets. Ain't nobody got time for that now. I know some games have guidelines like "bonus to roll =level for something an NPC is good at, level-4 for something they aren't good at" (example for illustration not for any real system).

    Is there any similar guideline based on age or generation or station for Vampire? Obviously it depends on a lot of variables including your own campaign, but I'm just looking for a starting point.

    Thanks very much for the hand....
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