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  • Question about a possible mythological Scion of Huehuecoyotl

    I had a friend ask me about a story they'd read somewhere about what sounds like a possible mythological chosen Scion of Huehuecoyotl. In the story they'd read, the Scion was originally a human woman who Huehuecoyotl became interested in romantically. He replaced her heart with copal, causing her to become immortal, and ultimately become a legendary wandering spirit figure, not too different from someone like La Llorona, but not malevolent. My friend said she was known as the "Borderwalker," which is presumably an English translation of her Nahuatl name. I'm curious, given that she...
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  • Awesome! Are they going to be added to the main PDF?
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  • Wannabe Demon Lord
    commented on a Visitor Message From Wannabe Demon Lord
    Awesome! An Indonesian pantheon would be super cool. Are we talking one involving Barong and Rangda, or are they a different thing?
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  • Wannabe Demon Lord
    Wannabe Demon Lord posted a Visitor Message for Svarogg
    Hey Svarogg. Just out of curiosity's sake, do you have any other Pantheon write-ups planned? I loved the Nat, and so I'm pretty curious to see what else you've got up your sleeve, especially since you seem to be doing more homebrewing now.
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