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  • projectmoon
    replied to Oh, It's just a Yantra
    One time my players snuck into a hospital and used a Life Ruling spell to siphon the blood out of a bunch of babies in order to collect it in vials. They stole the blood from an entire ward so that they didn't kill any of the infants.

    Reason? A rampaging spirit of violent murder could be harmed by a weapon coated in the blood of innocents...

    I'm not sure they've ever specifically sought out weird Yantras, but I feel that one is in the same vein.
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  • projectmoon
    replied to The House Rule Thread
    This is what I have for the Astral Realms. It probably needs some polishing. My players don't really ever use them, because they're too lazy to read my wiki! I basically went through the Astral Realms book, made a list of what mages can do in the Oneiros, and then attempted to 2e-ify it.

    The Oneiros:
    • Paradox: Spells cast in a mage's own Oneiros never cause Paradox, as long as the spell doesn't leave the Oneiros. Spells cast in a Sleeper's Oneiros always have a base of one Paradox Die. Mind spells benefit from -2 to Paradox in the Astral (2e core rules).
    • Mental Practice: Mages
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  • projectmoon
    replied to The House Rule Thread
    The only real house rule I have in my game is for identifying spells as they're cast. The others are just updates of 1e rules (especially Astral mechanics).

    I made this rule quite a while ago, back when I was first learning mage. Now that I think about how improvised spells and rotes work, these rules may not actually make sense. Identifying spells usually requires decoding it as a Mystery.

    Identifying Spells
    You must have active mage sight of the correct Arcanum (or Prime sight). Roll Gnosis + Arcanum to identify the spell as a reflexive action for Instant spells,...
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