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  • You mean Silicon Heaven doesn't exist?!?!?...
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  • I couldn't agree more and you've pretty much summed up my opinion on the situation.

    I feel that if NuWW had responded along the lines of "Of course we don't support them. Grow the hell up" we wouldn't be where we are now.
    Of course there would have been those who would have said that wasn't good enough and continued to demand a pound of flesh but people are waking up to the realisation that the permanently-offended are never satisfied and an apology is like blood in the water to them. Best ignore and walk away.

    Political and social issues do indeed differ...
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  • Nazi, far-right and *sigh* alt-right are being thrown around today like confetti at a wedding.
    It's a lazy tactic to invalidate and silence opinions without having to actually form a debate.

    There are indeed actual self-identifying neo-Nazis who want to see the eradication of Jews and the establishment of a Fourth Reich.
    There are far-right religious crackpots that believe homosexuality is a sin and gays should be fried on the chair.
    And there are alt-right racists who want to see a white ethno-state where the Aryan race can live in harmony.
    Old Joe on the...
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