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  • Author note: I was inspired by the entry that the Wycoff zone had contracted relatively recently and with teams going in, starting to find evidence of the Q-ticks and a lot of questions as some areas have been stripped of corrupted bio-matter but the rest left alone
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  • TheWanderingJewels
    started a topic Creature: Quantum Tick

    Creature: Quantum Tick

    This is an attempt to create a creature for the Wycoff Blight Zone to make something other than an Abberant that could be potentially threatening. Feedback for ideas and refinements would be welcome.

    Quantum Tick (Q-Tick)

    An unusual creature first found in the Wycoff Blight Zone in North America five years after the detonation.

    Resembling a hideously mutated and armored Mountain Deer Tick about the size of a small car, the creature is not particularly fast or strong, but it is dangerous more by virtue of what it is, rather than anything actively hostile.
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