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  • That you for your reply. I'm still going over everything in the book. I am also recovering from recent kidney stones and the painkillers have scrambled my brains a bit. Your help is appreciated ...
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  • IS there a equivalent of The Penance Stare' much like the ghost rider form marvel uses? I'd think this would be a good ability under Justice or Death. Looking over materials as this just came to mind. It would seem to be a nastier version of 'Your Fault' from The Death Purview
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  • TheWanderingJewels
    started a topic Creating antagonists (Hero level) abilites

    Creating antagonists (Hero level) abilites

    I'm bouncing some ideas around for Antagonists for the players. I've a Scion of Surtr I'm eventually going to intro the players to. He's a bit of a mix of a Destroyer as a charismatic cult leader and at Origin levels, the players will be dealing with his cultists more often than anything. When they finally get to meet him, well he likes to make an entrance. But I digress.

    Looking over Surtr from several sources, I see his signature weapon is a Sword, but trying to create a Sword for a mid to higher tier Heroic level Scion of Surtr I find I might need a bit of suggestion or ideas...
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