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  • inksplatterm
    replied to Ask the Devs
    Hi Robert and Eric,

    Asking this question more to confirm something I've implemented in a game I'm running, but can Linguistics be used for map-making?

    one of the PCs is a sort of underwater genderbent indiana jones, and is also an amateur cartographer. I've decreed that she can use Linguistics to make her maps, with the results being maps that aren't pretty or artistically detailed (as that would be Craft), but are sound in the information they present (locations, unusual features, distances between things, slope grades, etc)....
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  • Thank you for your comments!!

    taking them into consideration here's an edit

    Cost: 6m, 1wp. Mins: Essence 3.
    Type: Simple Tags: Aggravated, Decisive-Only
    Duration: instant
    Prerequisites: Ride the Lightning, Static Cage

    With a shout, Surge's wielder summons a spark of lightning within Surge and fires it into their opponent.
    If within close or short range, the attack is made with (Dexterity + Melee), but if it's made from Medium or long range, the attack uses (Dexterity + Thrown). In either case, the decisive attack...
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  • I'm a little stuck with crafting a spear with one of my players, with a character concept of "Combat Librarian". She's pretty open with what she wants out of it (throw lightning) and is excited about my suggestions to expand beyond that (effective against ghosts, elementals, and demons). But I kinda feel stumped with ideas on putting it together into a set of evocations. Currently I have three, but would like to have one or two more. I would love advice/constructive crit/any sort of comment. ("??" is a place holder for something undecided)

    Blue Jade...
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    Last edited by inksplatterm; 04-03-2017, 05:28 PM. Reason: made edits after comments by The Unsung Hero. Thanks again!

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