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  • I am sort of new to Promethean so I apologize if I'm wrong. I believe it has something to do with their Azothic Memory (which makes an Extempore even more 'lost'). When a non-Extempore Promethean is created he instinctively knows the 5 basic refinements. They know of the refinement's existence, and the roles are just the difference facets of that refinement. This is why complex refinements are so much more rare and challenging to learn (since someone has to teach you or you have to find an Athanlor to learn it from).
    When it comes to changing refinements, I think it is a conscious decision...
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  • Samare
    started a topic Promethean Character Concepts

    Promethean Character Concepts

    Hey guys,

    I just thought it would be insightful and fun to list some character concepts or ideas for everyone to pull from. I am running a chronicle soon for a group that has never played Promethean so I've been brainstorming ideas to throw out to them during character creation. Here is one to get things rolling.

    • A Mekhet vampire has been stalking and grooming a mortal for the embrace. He chose them for their personality. They know about postmortem and want to embrace their new child with their death to make sure they let go of their old self... They prepare the...
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