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  • What I would do, I would search and find street dogs and make them as my security for the warehouse, no spirits involved so far. As I'm doing good things to Gaia (saving street dogs) I may try now to raise some spirits, that would likely be good towards me. I find hard for a Theurge rank 1 to speak with elemental spirits such as water and air (as air seems easier in a dock then would water be), only if other Theurge are together. Also see if it would be OK to contact a Corax to keep eye on things and for info, as always (may cost you a lot). Theurge plays a important part of the Garou nation,...
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  • Ntrlz
    replied to Amazon War Campaign
    Sorry for the absence!

    Somuchlove that was lovely, omg. I've no words. Please PM and we can talk about the game! It would be a pleasure!

    This kinda slowed because, well, life and difficulties to schedule. Last time the pack went south after some bad rolls. No one cares about toxins until, well, only the gnawers standing between you and death. What can I say, they are starting to understand the "powers" of Wyrm.

    Always good to bring the terror to D&D players.

    Some background, I'm from Brazil so I have knowledge of many things about...
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