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  • Ntrlz
    replied to Dungeon System
    Great stuff Story Letter I'm digging those. Making a excel spreadcheat. Thanks a lot!

    Have to say that the map gave me so many ideas. It is awesome!!
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  • Ntrlz
    started a topic Dungeon System

    Dungeon System

    Hey guys, how are you all doing? Hope just fine!

    I like very much those rogue like games where everything is random and though "mmm maybe I can play Garou like that". From that I've created a simple Dungeon where what happens depends on dice rolls. I've even some random terrain to generate and random monsters, all based in dice rolls. I've been playing these and well, it's just plain fun, exceed my expectations.

    Some questions:

    1) Bestiary - Anyone have good sources for creatures to use in wow (even nwow i guess). I'm using right now Wym book for...
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